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Robert Wyatt

Robert Wyatt was a founding member of Soft Machine and a key figure in the sixties underground scene that included Pink Floyd. He has gone on to be a highly respected solo artist, revered by Elvis Costello, Damon Albarn and many others as one of England's truly original musical voices.

ISBN: 0946719 10 1
160 pages - illustrated - Paperback


Michael King

Carefully chronological, marvellously unhysterical and oddly haunting.
Q Magazine

Long-overdue account of Brit-rock's most engaging "back room" boy. Part-biography, part documentary, but at all time engaging. VOX Magazine (Rock books of 1994)

Enriched with the kind of detailed discography any Wyatt-spotter could ever wish for, Wrong Movements offers a wonderful companion to his music.
Record Collector

The biographer's art is not to be sneezed at, but in terms of music biogs, nothing really beats the approach used here - a scrapbook full of contemporaneous cuttings and photos. The Wire

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